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Normal Propyl Alcohol(NPA)

Normal Propyl Alcohol is colorless liquid, with boiling point of 97.2 ℃ and density of 0.80g/cm3.
It is mutually soluble with alcohol, ether and many organic solvents. It could not only reat with hydrogen halides to generate halides but also have  esterification reaction, amination reaction and oxidation reaction etc.

Normal Propyl Alcohol is the raw material to produce acetic acid acetate which is printing ink of green and environmental food, In addition, it is also main material of pesticide raw material, such as propylamine, bromopropane, dipropylamine,cleaning agent bromopropane and ethanediol monopropyl ether. As akind of favorable solvent, normal propyl alcohol could be used as special solvent of phenylamine printing ink . Especially, it can be applied to the printing of polyolefin and polyamide film. In addition, it could be used as the solvent of cellulose acetate etc. Besides, normal propyl alcohol is an important midbody of medicine because it can be applied to produce raw materials of medicine, such as erythrocin, probenecid, sodium valproate, valproate,valpromide, bonding atyptic BCA, prosultiamine, 2,5- pyridinedicarboxylic acid dipropyl etc.

Package: It is packaged with 165kg each barrel and can be transported by tanker.

Storage: Propanol is easy to volatilize and combust at room temperature, so it should be stored and sealed when transporting, away form sources of ignition. Under low-temperature, sealed and stored condition, it could be transported by tankers.


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