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Synthetic butyl alcohol

It is colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of wine. The density is 0.809g/cm3 (20℃) and it is slightly soluble in water. It can be mixed with ethan and ether. It could evaporate and form explosive mixtures with air with explosion limit of 3.7-10.2% (volume).

Application:it could be used to produce flotation agents, dibutyl phthalate and chaotropic agent of carbinol and gasoline. In addition, it can be used as floating chemicals. solvent dehydrating agent, coating and resins etc.

Package:Dry and clean tankers should be adopted.

Storage:It should be stored in drv and ventilated warehouse at room temperature. When shipping, it should be removed and placed gently to avoid collision, fire and sun.


Control index≥
Purity(N-butyl alcohol,Isobutyl alcohol)(m/m)% ≥

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