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Normal propyl acetate

Normal propyl acetate and Physicochemical parameters:
Chinese Name: Acetic acid-n-propyl ester (C5H1002)
Appearance:Colorless clear liquid, Aromatic odor
Another name: Acetate, n-propionic acid; Propyl acetate
Density:Relative density(water=1)0.88;
Melting point:-92 . 5 ℃
Boiling point: 101.6 ℃
Stability : Stable
Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohols. ketones, esters, oils etc. Most organic solvents.

Application :
(1) Paint, ink solvent, drug extraction agent, spices, Industrial (PTA) used acetic acid recovery entrainer;
(2) For a variety of synthetic resin has excellent solubility,Many effective solvent is ethyl cellulose,nitrocellulose,styrene, a methacrylate resin or the like synthetic resin.
(3) Commonly used in organic synthesis, is used as a solvent coatings, printing inks and the like, it is also commonly used in industrial dehydrating agents; Normal propyl acetate is easing drying agent for flexographic printing inks and gravure inks, especially for use in reduc-ing olefins and polyamide film printing.
(4) Also used as cellulose nitrate, chlorinated rubber and phenolic heat reactive solvent.

Storage :
Normal propyl acetate should be stored in fire-resistant equipment, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place. it can be stored in the storage tank. It should pay attention to moisture during storage, and strong oxidizing agents, strong alkalis, strong acids stored separately.

Transportation :
Transportation, loading and unloading work should be carried out in accordance with the dangerous goods trans-port regulations.

Packaging, storage: 180kg per barrel; also available tanker transport.

The main alternative product available
Toluene, (1) the production of the mam raw material at present ink thinner is toluene, xylene or benzene, and the addition ratio of about 50% t0 70%; but not environmentally friendly; Currently advocated "benzene ink thinner," just may be substituted normal propyl acetate toluene defect in environmental protection.
[2) In the plastic packaging (especially food grade and pharmaceutical grade plastic packaging), toluene have some toxicity; Normal propyl acetate can make up for the defect of toluene.
Butanone, some paints and coatings or ink would be used butanone, acetone; SPEC is now advocating "benzene-free one" on the market; Normal propyl acetate likewise meet this requirement.

Normal propyl acetate,w/% ≥
Normal propyl alcohol,w/% ≤
Water,w/% ≤
Acid(With acetic acid),w/% ≤
Evaporation residue,w/% ≤
Density (20 ℃)/(g/cm3
Color, Hazen units(Pt-co),w/% ≤
Benzene, W/%
The two sides agreed to supply and demand
Toluene, W/%
The two sides agreed to supply and demand
Xylene, W/%
The two sides agreed to supply and demand

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